Torrid Love: The First Time

Torrid Love - The First Time
Book 1 in the Torrid Love series 

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The day he met Joanie Anderson was the best day of David Thorn’s life. She was the rare combination of a beautiful woman who completes his soul as much as she satisfies his lust. Because he loves her, he wants to offer her all the pleasures in life, including one in particular that has his blood pounding and her mind working overtime.
Two men. One woman.

It’s a fantasy that has Joanie excited and nervous at the same time. Since meeting David, she has had plenty of opportunity to test the bounds of her sexuality. As a sex therapist,

there isn’t much that she hasn’t heard or read about. But whether this is one personal fantasy that should stay locked in her mind is something she is about to put to the test.

Sometimes you have to trust that the reality will be even better than the fantasy…