Leopard Series: Vision Captured


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 A male leopard shifter runs alone,  wild and untamed, until a female decides he’s worth her time to train. Which is why Chantelle Drap sees no reason to settle down. She likes her males nasty and dirty, rough and wild…the rougher the better.
When rumors fly of an urban legend—gathering all leopards with visions, wanting to collar them, so he can create a stronger race, Chan’s world turns upside down. She doesn’t know who to trust, or when she will be attacked.
No matter where she turns though, Josh Bard is right there. His job is to bring Chan in. But Josh has his own agenda, is determined to keep her by his side, in his bed. She is his match in every way. Her scent thrills him, her aggressiveness spikes his wild side. Josh informs her that in truth it is the male who trains the female to submit and not the other way around. While Josh and Chan fight for control of seduction, they also find themselves fighting for their way of life.