Get Lucky Excerpt

      Get Lucky - 2nd Bounty Hunter Book



A sneak preview of GET LUCKY:  

 (first edit proof—final copy might vary slightly)

“Something wrong?” Marc swore there was something haunted in her gaze when she looked up at him. It disappeared quickly.

“No.” The pleasant smile she planted on her face looked like the one she used when she stood behind the counter, completely fake. “Not at all,” she assured him. “It’s just–” She paused, then making a face she waved her hand in the air. “It’s nothing. My friend found a package at my door and I can’t imagine who would send me anything.”

“Family maybe?”

“No. It wouldn’t be from family.”

 â€œI guess you have a surprise waiting for you then.”

“Surprises are seldom pleasant,” she murmured.

There were more layers to London than Marc initially guessed. They sat in an alcove on the third floor of the lodge. It was at the end of the hallway and to the side of the elevators, just out of sight.

“How long have you worked here?” Marc munched on half of the second sandwich while London nibbled on the other half. It was all the food she would accept and although she was thin, he’d bet she could put away a meal if she set her mind to it.

“Three years.” She sucked her index finger into her mouth, licking mayonnaise off it. London didn’t appear to be performing the act to lure him in, but damn it looked hot as hell.

“What made you take a job at a ski lodge?” He wanted to keep her talking, find something she would open up and discuss with him. So far it had been questions and short answers.

“There was a job opening,” she offered, her smile distant. She appeared distracted. “It’s a great ski lodge, the best in the state if you ask me.”

“And why is that?”

“This is the most beautiful part of the state. Anyone will tell you that. And check out the architecture of this building. It used to be a mansion owned by a recluse millionaire. The story is downstairs on a plaque in the lobby.”

“Fascinating,” he said, downing the remainder of his sandwich. He enjoyed listening to her.

“But of course what really makes this the best ski lodge in the state is our award winning customer service.” She beamed at him.

He could imagine what she might win awards at but saying as much would sound lewd. It would also probably scare her away. Marc hadn’t seen the real London yet. He wasn’t sure why she hid behind a mask, but her body language and tone of her voice suggested she’d yet to open up to him. God. He loved a challenge.

“I’m not interested in customer service, but in the lady when she isn’t behind the counter,” he let her know, taking the plate that had held the sandwiches off the couch from between them and placing it on the coffee table.

When he reached for her hair, anxious to feel if it were as silky as it looked, London grabbed his wrist. She had a firmer grip than he guessed she would.

“You said earlier I was as interested in you as you were in me,” she said, her voice suddenly soft. “You saw body language, which is what most people see. That doesn’t mean attraction. It means I saw a good looking man and appreciated his qualities.”

“It’s mutual, sweetheart.” Although she had a grip, Marc twisted his wrist out of her grasp and locked his fingers between hers. “You are one hell of a beautiful woman.”

She didn’t blush, which meant she’d heard the compliment many times before. Marc wasn’t surprised or offended.

“Are you saying you’re interested in only the surface, but not what’s inside?”

He definitely wanted to be inside her. “Your personal life is your business. I’m not trying to create some false image here. This is my vacation. I’d like to spend time with you while I’m here.”

“I see.” She nodded once, as if trying to decide if she accepted his terms or not.

Marc didn’t see a problem in trying to convince her. Taking her jaw in his hand, he untangled their fingers and put his other hand on the side of her head. Her hair was like silk. When she tilted her head back, her gaze smoldered. But it was her lips, so soft and moist when he pressed his against hers that tilted his world to the side.

She opened for him, and the invitation hardened every inch of his body. Marc dragged his fingers through her hair and wrapped his arms around her. When he dipped inside her mouth, her tongue met his with hunger he hadn’t anticipated. A sense of vertigo attacked his system when he devoured her.

Marc wasn’t sure what he’d expected out of their first kiss. He wasn’t a fool, nor a pompous ass. Sure he’d imagined her in various positions, crying out his name. His fantasies were blurry, the details not ironed out. But he hadn’t expected her to taste so incredibly good. He wasn’t prepared for her to be as aggressive in kissing him, as if she’d waited for this moment all day.

When he forced her to lean back and submit to him, soft strands of silky hair tickled his arms. Her slender body tucked against his. The way she molded against him and returned the kiss stole every thought from his brain. He’d never considered himself a master of seduction and doubted it was his skills that turned her into such a willing and eager partner. But they kissed as if they’d done it a million times, with no awkwardness or hesitation that so often accompanied that first kiss.

Marc moved his mouth to her cheek, and then began a trail down her neck. He gripped her waist, feeling her round, perky breasts pressing against his chest. If he didn’t get control of himself he’d push his hands up her shirt and cup those soft, full mounds of flesh.

         It took more strength than he thought he had at the moment but Marc straightened. He was rewarded by a beautiful flush in London’s cheeks and slightly swollen, parted lips. Her tongue darted over them at the same time she fluttered her lashes and slowly looked up at him. London wasn’t short, but she wasn’t the tallest woman he’d been with either. It didn’t seem to bother her when she tilted her head and focused on him. He saw quiet confidence and extreme satisfaction. London didn’t do what she didn’t want to do, and he had a feeling she had few regrets.


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