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Illegal drugs and terrorist weapons haunt Susie Winestone’s dreams, but it’s her ex-husband who is the real nightmare…the nightmare she can never seem to escape. Terrified of what her ex could do to her, Susie has run from her previous life. Now with a new identity and a new home deep in the Midwest, she searches for a simple, peaceful existence. One with Luke Roge, the sexy small-town carpenter, in it wouldn’t be too bad.

But her past returns and the nightmare begins again. Even the turbulent spring weather doesn’t hold a flame to the danger her ex-husband represents.

Luke has discovered the truth behind Susie’s terrifying past and is determined that Susie’s ex will leave her alone, no matter the price. But nothing goes quite according to plan and soon Susie and Luke find themselves trapped in a series of events that threaten to tear apart their dreams forever.