Sex Slaves: Waiting For Dawn

Sex Slaves- Waiting For Dawn
Book 3 in the Sex Slaves series 

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Trent Dar answers to no man…or woman. And that’s the way he likes it. A seasoned warrior honored throughout the solar system, and with a reputation that can get him anything he wants, anytime. The last thing he wants is to be tied to one woman.

When Dawn Corl drifts across his radar, bringing mystery and conspiracy along with her, he isn’t chasing her because he wants her. Keeping her by his side has nothing to do with her passion for life or the way she stirs the fires inside him.

But while the battle rages outside, it’s those fires inside he’s eager to keep on burning, if he could just stop her running from him! Catching her and keeping her becomes the battle he’s determined to win. Waiting for Dawn isn’t an option! And it’s about time she realized he means business.