OWL SERIES: Feather Down

            FEATHER DOWN

           (Book One in the Owl Series)

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Dover Down fixes things. Regardless of the species, Dover will fly into any problem and set matters straight. When he arrives in Banff to learn why species are suddenly ready to attack each other, he might need to be the one who needs set straight. Especially when he falls too hard for Lana Halk. There is one problem, Lana’s nest might very well be the reason all the species are fighting.

            Lana is positive about one thing. Any male who flies by her side will treat her as an equal. There is no way she will ever sit at a nest and have her kill ready for a male who shows up when he wants to get his tail feathers wet. But when Dover shows her how erotic love making can be, he also steals her heart. If he’s in town to destroy her nest, she won’t be able to live with herself. Unfortunately, Lana also knows there is no way she can live without Dover.


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