Nuworld: Thicker Than Water

Nuworld - Thicker Than Water
Book 6 in the Nuworld series 

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The Gothman and Runners are under threat, and the two strongest nations on Nuworld are set to be ripped asunder.

Thievery plagues the Runner clans. With no clues and landlinks, as well as women, continually disappearing, frustration escalates between Lord Andru and Lady Meah. Solving these crimes is only part of what disturbs the Lord of Gothman and his claim.

Lord Andru’s love for his sister Ana grows, becoming more obvious not only to Meah, but to the community around them. Ana’s claim, Lord Gilroy, far from being distraught, is distracted by his growing attraction for Meah.

Two couples are close to being torn apart by love for the wrong woman. The thieves are hitting closer to home. Two nations will fall. Two relationships destroyed.

In a combustive climate of sexual and emotional tension, Andru and Ana find the greatest challenges to their roles as rulers of the Gothman and Runners comes from within. Surrendering to their overwhelming need to be with each other comes at a high cost they both must pay.

The end of everything cherished and dear is looming. Until they all learn that blood is thicker than water.