Nuworld: Tara The Great

Nuworld - Tara The Great
Book 2 in the Nuworld series 

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A pending attack from a people known as the Lunians forces Lord Darius and Tara to stand together and protect their growing kingdoms. The Lunians once inhabited Nuworld but migrated to its moon. Their plans for Nuworld’s current inhabitants are hideous and immoral.

It is a race against time as war erupts against the Lunians. A vision guides Tara and Darius as they battle to save their right to exist on their planet. If they fail,

both Gothman and Runners will be reduced to breeding stock for their ancestors. Every moral and value will be put to the test during this bloody battle to save Nuworld.

This second book in the Nuworld series shows Tara and Darius battling for control in their relationship and as leaders of their people. Both are headstrong and dominating, making this a dynamic book where willpower wars as strong as warriors battle.