Nuworld: The Illegitimate Claim

Nuworld - The Illegitimate Claim
Book 5 in the Nuworld series 

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Lord Andru has a claim. Five winters ago he claimed the feisty Meah. And five winters ago she left him. Celibacy doesn’t appeal to Andru, but no matter the women, none seem able to replace Meah. When a proposition arrives from the Neurian nation, an offer to unite the daughter of that nation with Andru, Meah has to be found—or declared dead.

Meah knows she’s been gone from Andru for too long. It’s time to return and to settle down as Andru’s claim. His infidelity bothers her, but her loyalty is strong.

She will walk beside Andru, and somehow keep her feelings in check regarding his promiscuity.

Returning to Gothman becomes more than a battle of wills for Meah and Andru. Meah must deal with a woman from another nation being offered to Andru as his new claim, and also with Lord Gilroy, Andru’s first commander, who is getting a rise out of more than her temper with his suggestive advances.

Decisions need to be made. Meah and Andru take each other on, battling for control, and for each other, in this sizzling continuation of the Nuworld saga.