Nuworld: Do Or Die

Nuworld - Do Or Die
Book 4 in the Nuworld series 

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The worst enemy is one that can’t be seen, that has no location where you can strike. And that enemy is about to attack! Ana and Andru, twin heirs to all of Gothman and the Runner clans, find themselves battling to save their inheritance and their way of life.

Their twin-bond is their strength. Except for one thing…

Bachulac An ancient Gothman tradition, outlawed for generations, sparks off a secret, illicit relationship involving Andru, Ana and Gilroy that could threaten their world.

Enter Meah, a beautiful young Runner of the Red Horn Clan. Her ability to see things others can’t might be the only hope against pending attack. Her lifelong crush on Andru might have been an asset to the twin heirs, but a moment of misguided passion and the uncovering of a terrible secret rips away her innocence and destroys what might have been.

Jealousy and violent passions could once again be the downfall of the most powerful nations on Nuworld.

And the clock is ticking…