Nuworld: All For One

Nuworld - All For One
Book 3 in the Nuworld series 

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Secrets never stay buried.

Lord Darius and Lady Tara have a secret they’ve kept for over thirteen winters. And if it comes out it could destroy the powerful Gothman nation.

Time is running out for Darius and Tara. With the arrival of the Tree People—a unique race with piercing green eyes and an unknown agenda who hail from an unexplored region of Nuworld—life as Darius and Tara know it will change forever.

A chain of events is unleashed that will thrust twins Andru and Ana into a maelstrom of confusion, lust and intrigue that will forge an unlikely bond between all.

Old grudges must be forgotten, hearts must be softened, and the secret that has closed Tara’s heart to Crator must be exposed. If this doesn’t happen, it will be the end of the reign of the two largest nations on Nuworld.