Malta Werewolves - Til Death

Malta Werewolves - Til Death
Book 6 in the Malta Werewolves series 

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Dimitri Spalto fought to be pack leader of the Malta werewolves. Now he must fight to keep his pack from falling apart and becoming prey to the prejudice that surrounds them. First he must deal with other breeds discriminating against Malta werewolves. Then Dimitri is forced to come face-to-face with the prejudice that lies within him.  

Malta werewolves are special, and feared, because of the extrasensory gift many of them have…except for Dimitri. His grudge against the gift he could never master might prevent him from seeing how he really feels about beautiful Rosa Anthony. Acknowledging his hatred toward her den is simple. But realizing that the only way he can have her for his mate is to overcome that anger takes all the strength he possesses. And the clock is ticking. He can have Rosa until death, but only after bellying up to his nemesis…and saving his pack before it’s too late.