Malta Werewolves - For Life

Malta Werewolves - For Life
Book 5 in the Malta Werewolves series 

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Maura’s mating isn’t a happy one, and when her mate learns that she’s trying to terminate their mating, he drives her out of lunewulf territory and dumps her on the side of the road.

Now she’s free. Memories of a sexy Malta werewolf lead her in the direction of their pack, although she doubts she will be able to find him. What Maura doesn’t realize is that she’s already been found.

Josie is blessed with the gift. Thanks to his abilities, he’s able to hear Maura’s thoughts and track her down. Josie can’t believe any werewolf would treat such a beautiful creature so badly. But when he learns of the despicable things her mate has done, there is only one thing to do.

Josie won’t stop until Pete is dead. No matter that his actions will stir up even more tension between Malta werewolves and lunewulfs, Josie decides what he has to offer Maura will last for the rest of their lives.

That is, if he lives through the ritual he must endure in order to have her.