Malta Werewolves - Forbidden Attraction

Malta Werewolves - Forbidden Attraction
Book 4 in the Malta Werewolves series 

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The Malta werewolf pack must endure the Rocky Mountain winter and the prejudice of surrounding packs before they can once again be strong and proud. Nicolo Spalto is willing to work through all obstacles to make his pack as great as they once were. If that means going to the aid of a lunewulf female, then he’ll do it. But when he meets Heidi Lutgard, simply rescuing her isn’t enough. In spite of the differences between their packs, he can’t deny his attraction to her.

Heidi knows the Malta werewolves are to be avoided at all cost. They are large, dark and very dangerous. However, it’s those very traits that have her longing to see the incredibly seductive male who came to her rescue, even though her pack leader forbids it.

Forbidden by their packs to be together, their attraction grows from physical to something more powerful—something too mind-boggling to keep hidden. Now Heidi must face being shunned by her pack just to be with the werewolf she loves, fighting law and tradition with Nicolo to consummate the love no one seems willing to accept or understand.