How Does It Work?

If you’re experiencing really rough financial times right now…

Tell me about your life right now. Did something happen to cause you to run out of money? Have you tried applying for government assistance of any kind? Has any family member offered to help you out? E-mail and put HEA in the subject line.  No names need be mentioned. You don’t have to say what city you’re in or the name of your employer, or family members. Just explain how money became tight. You may be as vague, or as detailed, as you like.

Everything you send to me is considered 100% confidential unless I get your express permission to post it to this website.

Once a month, I will draw one name from everyone who has sent an email with the subject line HEA. The e-mail drawn will have their story posted to the testimonial page. (Once I have their permission.) They will also receive all proceeds brought in to HEA the month prior.

In other words, all money from donations, auctions, book sales, and any other financial contributions collected during the month of June will be donated to one name drawn in July.

The name drawn will have to respond to the e-mail address they used to send in their story to HEA. Once I’ve received confirmation of our winner’s full name and mailing address (which will remain confidential) the money will be mailed to them. If the person/family who received help from HEA would like to make a statement about being helped by HEA, we would love to post that to our testimonial page, too.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask,

If you’re in a position where you can donate a new item, book, or cash to help raise money for HEA…

There are many ways you can help out HEA. If you are an author and have books you would be willing to donate, or promotional items, e-books or paperbacks, any item to help raise money, please contact me. Please include in your email the value of what you’re donating and its weight so I can determine shipping charges. Unless you wish to pay for shipping, or part of it, the buyer will cover shipping expenses.

Whether you’re published, or not, a reader or a writer, editor, publisher, agent, reviewer, blogger, or none of the above, there are ways you can help raise money for HEA. If you donate an item it does have to be new. You may also donate a service—offer to critique a book, or a partial, or offer website assistance. There is a lot of talent out there as well as incredible books. Wherever your heart is, whatever level of generosity you can afford, it would be greatly appreciated.

And as always, cash donations are also accepted and are 100% tax deductible in most cases.

Please direct any questions to Lorie O’Clare at