GET LUCKY, 2nd Bounty Hunter Book


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Get to know the King family and uncover the clues to the game!

            Marc King has learned all he knows from his father, Greg King, whose reputation precedes him as one of the best bounty hunters in the nation. Marc and his family have just returned from a trying hunt that almost cost his father his life. Being a bounty hunter is in Marc’s blood. He’s never thought of doing anything else. But serious down time will keep him fresh for the next hunt.

            At a romantic ski lodge buried in the Rocky Mountains, Marc plots some extracurricular activity with the front desk clerk, London Brooke. When strange packages start to show up at her front door step, and at his room in the lodge, Marc and London discover there is more than sexual attraction between them. Someone has kidnapped both of their parents and the clues they leave send Marc and London on a dangerous chase after an insane game player, who is determined to make Marc, and his family, pawns in a demented and deadly competition.


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