Fallen Gods: Embracing Temptation

Fallen Gods - Embracing Temptation
Book 4 in the Fallen Gods series 

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Nikita Povlechic has been with Centauri Agency since she left the force. Dangerous assignments have become her life. But when her boss sends her to a small Midwest town on a mission as bait for demons, she wonders if he’s finally lost his mind. The comfortable urban setting with quiet neighborhoods couldn’t possibly harbor evil that would merit her skills in combat. Besides, there’s no way to fight something that can’t be seen, that isn’t real.

Ares discovers that beautiful Nikita is being sent as a gift to the new leader of the demons, Julian Artos. Her lack of belief in the very real demons will be her own suicide.

Nikita needs a quick lesson in what is out there, what exists beyond what she can see. And the quickest way to convince a stubborn woman, trained to kill, how to submit and trust in a warrior god is to seduce her. Ares sets out to do just that.His desire to protect Nikita turns from an erotic seduction into a battle of wills. For a man used to getting what he wants, his toughest battle yet may be taming his fiesty little warrior woman.