DeadWorld: Shara’s Challenge

DeadWorld: Shara’s Challenge 

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Shara Dar fought to lead South Passage, and although she now leads her people, the battle isn’t over. New towns need governing, laws need to be made, and a hole in the ocean wall offers the opportunity to explore the surface of Earth.

Shara’s only way to escape, to clear her head and regroup, is to assume a disguise and sneak off to shady bars where she has sex with strangers. It’s not the secretive sex that excites her, it’s having it in front of strangers, on a stage, where anyone can watch. Having sex with someone she knows would complicate her life and put a strain on the public image she fights to uphold.

Romair Tosk believes Shara will be a great leader. He’s supported her climb to the top. Always by her side, he’s adored her quietly, knowing she’s all business and not interested in sex or the casual affairs he indulges in. The night he sees her at Venezuela’s Private Club, providing “entertainment” for a captive audience, everything changes. Shara’s secret life is about to end. Romair will finally have the woman he’s lusted over for years. Now to convince Shara of that…