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The prize is one free e-book in your choice of format.
Answer the questions below in an e-mail, put NEWSLETTER CONTEST in the subject line, and send the e-mail to  

Be sure and put NEWSLETTER CONTEST in the subject line so that there is no chance that your entry gets confused as spam.
How you answer the questions will NOT have an impact on your winning the contest. One winner is drawn at random by one of my sons. So answer truthfully, and have fun with the questions.
Here are your questions:

1.)    Imagine you’re going on a first date with someone (at whatever age you are right now). What would be the perfect date?

2.) What is the best way to “capture” a man? (or woman, if you’re a man) Should a person be aggressive, or play coy? And if you have a good story on how you secured your significant other, that would work as an answer.

Okay! There are your questions. Type your answers in an e-mail, put NEWSLETTER CONTEST in the subject line, and send it to
Good luck to everyone!

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