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   Jaynie Rousseau is not going to be tied into a mating. She’s watched her cousin endure the abuse and humiliation from her mate and will never submit to such conditions.

   The night her cousin’s mate goes too far and is caught with another female, Jaynie makes sure she is present to watch the useless male take his final blow. Jaynie isn’t prepared for her reaction to the over-sized Cariboo lunewulf who captures her cousin’s mate and hauls him to their pack leader.

    Perry Roth is a Cariboo lunewulf for hire. When the pack leader needs a rogue werewolf taken care of, Perry is the male to take care of the job. He has no problem hauling a waste of werewolf flesh to his grave, especially if the male has abused a female. But when the hot, little spitfire, Jaynie Rousseau, gets in the middle of the action, and risks her tail being more than hurt, Perry needs to protect her from her own wild behavior.

   Once Jaynie and Perry meet there is no seperating them. Jaynie won’t be tied down and Perry will not tolerate a female who runs wild, but neither can ignore the heat that refuses to go out when they’re together.