Cariboo Lunewulf: Pursuit

Cariboo Lunewulf - Pursuit
Book 2 in the Cariboo Lunewulf series 

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Pamela Bordeaux can’t believe the barbaric actions of her pack. Bid out in exchange for land to a puny ass Cariboo leaves her one option—running. Out of gas, alone in the forest, sanctuary has never seemed so far away. when she is tracked and brought to ground by the Cariboo of her dreams.

Gabe McAllister isn’t looking for a mate. Howling at the moon with the available bitches in his pack suits Gabe just fine. Between him and his twin brother, Stone, they can always find a willing female werewolf ready to have some fun.

The day he catches Pamela, a feisty spitfire who takes him on in spite of the panic filling her eyes, a surge of fierce protectiveness tears at his heart, and a primal need to mark this bitch as his for life has every cell in his body screaming “mate”.

But there’s one test she must pass, one way he will know for sure if Pamela is meant for him…Gabe has always shared everything with Stone.

It’s double or nothing, but Pamela has no intention of losing her soulmate.