Cariboo Lunewulf: Challenged

Cariboo Lunewulf - Challenged
Book 3 in the Cariboo Lunewulf series  

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Stone McAllister will not settle down. No lady will tame him. He’s happy that his littermates have found good women, set up happy dens, and enjoy the calm life of mated werewolves. That life just isn’t for him.

Even after meeting Ali Bastien, an aggressive young thing anxious to learn everything at once, Stone forces all thoughts of settling down out of his head. Some werewolves are simply meant to prowl the night, take on any lady who comes their way. And that is the life Stone will hang onto—with teeth and claws if necessary.

When Ali starts announcing to her pack and her family that Stone McAllister is the werewolf for her, Stone knows it’s time to leave. Something won’t let him though. And to make matters worse, when another werewolf starts sniffing around Ali, Stone finds himself ready to fight for her—a fight to the death, a fight for the right to call Ali his—for life.