My books and My artwork

July 16th, 2008

There is only a day left to some of my auctions on e-bay. Here is the link to check all of the auctions out. I’m goint to put up more of my artwork for auction.

    The boys and I are arguing over which paintings I should list. They want to keep the ones they think are the best and I keep saying if someone is going to hang something I painted in their home, I want it to be my best. LOL.
    But anyway, I’m head over heels buried in rewriting parts of my first book for St. Martins. And I’ve been told that edits are on the way for my first Kensington book. Busy, busy…LOL. But on the upside, edits are done (I’m pretty sure…lol) for my first two leopard books for EC. Keep a close eye on my coming soon page on my website as I’ll be updating it regularly as I get more release dates and covers. I know its been a while since I’ve had a book out, but the wait is almost over. *g* My first leopard book comes out Aug. 13th!
    Oh also, if you haven’t checked out my paintings, they are up on my website now, too. I’m far from professional, but I’ve wanted to share with you for a long time what I do when I’m not writing, or when I’m brainstorming out a scene for a particular book. I put up captions with each painting so you know what I was working on when I painted each painting.
    Keep an eye on my e-bay auctions. I’ll load more stuff soon!

Best Read So Far This Year…

June 4th, 2008

In one of my recent contests, I asked you to tell me what your favorite read was so far this year. Here are some of the answers, listed in no particular order. If you’re looking for a good read, check out one of these books. Or, feel free to add your favorite book so far this year in the comments. There’s nothing better than an incredible book that sucks you in and holds on to you until the last page. Hopefully you’ll find a new book to read in this list.
The Immortal series by Joy Nash.
Bloodfever by Karen Moning.
Keepers of the Flame by Robin Owens
Bushwacked Bride by Eugenia Riley
LONG HARD RIDE by Lorelei James.
Sangerian Rose by Rae Monet
Halfway To The Grave by Jeannine Frost 
Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs.

‘No Regrets’ by Michele Ann Young
‘Murder on Nob Hill’ by Shirley Tallman. 

Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair
Killing Fear by Allison Brennan,
Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh
No Control by Shannon K. Butler.
Lora Leigh’s Killer Secrets (also loved Dawn’s Awakening)
Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu
No Control by Shannon Butcher. 
Forbidden Pleasure by Lora Leigh
Killer Secrets by Lora Leigh.
DARKFEVER by Karen Moning
Shadow Music by Julie Garwood
Malta Werewolf Series by Lorie O’Clare
The Sins of Their Fathers by Emma Wildes and Lara Santiago.
“The House on Briar Hill Road” by Holly Jacobs.
 Hot and Bothered by Dianne Castell

I got THE CALL!!!!

March 5th, 2008

Hi Everyone,
          Thanks to everyone who made it to the chat last night. For those of you who show up every month, or when you can, you know how much fun they are. I swear it’s the fastest hour you can experience. LOL.
          For those of you who didn’t make it, I wanted to tell you about my exciting news.
          Last Monday my agent called me and told me she was in negotiations, and that if all went well, she would have a contract offer for me.
          My agent is a terrible tease because of course after getting off the phone with her, I couldn’t write a single word to save my life. I was too excited!
          She called me around nine and at eleven thirty she called again. I’m not sure how I lived through those two hours. LOL. I remember her saying, “If you would like to sign a contract with St. Martin’s Press for A MAN’S WORLD and write two more books for them, then you will now be an author for St. Martin’s Press.”
          And yes…I screamed!!
          My agent laughed. I bet she was all ready with cotton ball in her ear when she called me. And of course then she tries to talk business with me. Silly girl. Like I remembered a thing she said after that.
          Later that evening, Monique with St. Martin’s Press called and talked to me about A MAN’S WORLD (the title is going to be changed although I don’t know what the new title will be yet—I’ll let you know when I know.) and the two other books she wants me to write.
          I’m going to have an FBI Sex Crimes series out with St Martin’s Press!! Is that too cool, or what??
          The books will be mass market paperbacks, and they will be steamy romantic suspense. Real close to erotic, but not erotica. I don’t have exact release dates today, but when I do, you bet I’ll let you know. I do know we’re going to start edits on A MAN’S WORLD here within the next month. And in the mean time, I’m having a blast writing the second book.
          Basically, as I mentioned these will be FBI sex crime books. The first book is ex-sex slave turned cop goes after her old master in an action packed, thriller. The second book is about an FBI agent and a lady cop going under cover as a married couple to learn who is murdering spouses in a swinger’s community. And the third book is about an on line predator who has murdered several teenagers and the FBI agent who goes undercover to entice him on line and arrange a meeting. She suspects the murderer is a cop so when a local detective starts getting a bit too close, she can’t tell him that she’s undercover with the FBI.
          I’m so excited and thrilled to be writing these books, and so grateful to St. Martin’s Press for giving me the opportunity to write them for all of you to read.
          Of course, I still have a leopard series up and coming from Ellora’s Cave. I’ve shared a bit about that series with all of you already. When I have release dates for those books, I’ll be sure and tell you.
          Now it’s back to writing for me. I just wanted to fill everyone in on my exciting news! I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I am enjoying writing them!