My books and My artwork

There is only a day left to some of my auctions on e-bay. Here is the link to check all of the auctions out. I’m goint to put up more of my artwork for auction.

    The boys and I are arguing over which paintings I should list. They want to keep the ones they think are the best and I keep saying if someone is going to hang something I painted in their home, I want it to be my best. LOL.
    But anyway, I’m head over heels buried in rewriting parts of my first book for St. Martins. And I’ve been told that edits are on the way for my first Kensington book. Busy, busy…LOL. But on the upside, edits are done (I’m pretty sure…lol) for my first two leopard books for EC. Keep a close eye on my coming soon page on my website as I’ll be updating it regularly as I get more release dates and covers. I know its been a while since I’ve had a book out, but the wait is almost over. *g* My first leopard book comes out Aug. 13th!
    Oh also, if you haven’t checked out my paintings, they are up on my website now, too. I’m far from professional, but I’ve wanted to share with you for a long time what I do when I’m not writing, or when I’m brainstorming out a scene for a particular book. I put up captions with each painting so you know what I was working on when I painted each painting.
    Keep an eye on my e-bay auctions. I’ll load more stuff soon!

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