Excerpt from VISION HUNTER, from the Leopard Series

Does everyone have their holiday shopping done? (I sure don’t!)

But…I have finished the first book of my leopard series, VISION HUNTER. Here is a scene from the book to wet your appetite. This scene is rated R. It has sexual content. Read at your own discretion.

An unedited scene from VISION HUNTER by Lorie O’Clare…

“But there isn’t anything special about me,” Chan insisted, the smell of her lie faint, but noticeable. “You make it sound like we’re magic like the Malta werewolves. And they were kicked out of their own country because they were different. Then they about destroyed themselves here.”

Josh stroked her hair, running his hand down her arm and then turning her further so that her torso twisted and her large breasts almost spilled out of her bra. His comments scared her, but she wouldn’t cower. What he knew about her already, Chan would be more inclined to leap into the middle of the problem and kick ass until she resolved it.

“Those werewolves weren’t magic, but they possessed an ability to bend the elements to their will. That isn’t what we’re about. If I want to throw you across the room, I’m going to have to pick you up and throw you. I can’t do it with my mind. But there is something about us. How this Leo Pard knew it about you and me, or any of the others who didn’t advertise it, I don’t know—yet.” He rubbed his thumb over her moist lips and his cock grew painfully hard. “Little cat,” he whispered, his voice turning gravelly when his body hardened and a more carnal side of him threatened to surface. “Right before we walked into this room, you saw as well as I did what would happen after both of us were in here.”

“Do you have some special sense that allows you to know if someone has a vision?” Her tone turned hard, almost hateful.


“I didn’t think so.”

“But I saw what we’re going to do in this room.” He gripped her neck, poising his thumb so she couldn’t turn her head and forced her to look at him. “And I saw your face and smelled your reaction when I asked you about it. I don’t need some special sense to understand your reaction when you see yourself in a vision, naked, and coming very hard while I’m on top of you, and buried deep inside of you.”

“I didn’t see shit,” she snapped, and for the first time the smell of her lie was apparent. She stubbornly lowered her eyes, refusing to look at him even though he held her face captive. “And furthermore, I won’t have anything to do with a leopard who steals me from my home and intends to turn me over to someone he doesn’t know, simply because my name is on some fucking list.”

She pressed her lips together, looking like she was struggling not to pant. Her nipples were so hard they almost poked through the thin film of material covering them. The only smell stronger than her lie, was the enticing scent of her lust.

“I’m glad to hear that,” he said without hesitating. “That assures me that you won’t go to any of the other hunters. And I’ll kill any of them who try taking you from me. I’m not releasing you to anyone. But the safest place for both of us to be right now is right in the heart of the action. It’s always best to know what your enemies are going to do, without them knowing that you know their plan.”

“Then maybe I’m right where I’m supposed to be,” she said slowly, her tone lowering to a sensual purr. “Since I’m still not convinced who is my real enemy.”

Josh watched her eyes smolder, as the smell of her desire filled the air around them. He ignored her implication that she didn’t trust him. In spite of not smelling another lie, he guessed she trusted him more than she wanted him to know. Or she wouldn’t be relaxing in his arms right now.

“We’re going to find that out.” He lowered his gaze to her breasts and brushed his finger over the swell just above her bra. “It will take patience, paying attention, and not doing anything to alert the others that we have our own agenda.”

She wrapped her fingers around his wrist, but couldn’t move his hand. He quickly allowed his claws to extend and swiped the small piece of material between her breasts. The bra split in two and her large breasts bounced, free from the confinement and looking even fuller, rounder, and perkier now that they were exposed.

“That was my only bra,” she complained, looking down at his hand and then slowly up to his face. Her teeth pressed against her lips. “I’m not sure that you and I have the same agenda.”

“Chan, you’re so aroused right now that the smell of your lust is strong enough to get drunk off of.”  His claw wasn’t completely returned to human form when he brushed it over her puckered nipple. “You’re making me want you more and more every second.”

Chan sucked in a sharp breath. “And temptation isn’t something you can fight?”

“This temptation is stronger than most,” he whispered, dragging his fingernail down her middle and then unbuttoning her jeans. “Wouldn’t you agree, little cat?”

“Nothing is too strong to fight,” she said, her voice husky. “And if you think fucking me will instill some kind of loyalty between us, you’re wrong.”

“So you just wish to fuck for pleasure?” He unzipped her jeans and then grabbed the denim at her waist. It took little effort to lift her. But with his cock swollen and throbbing against his jeans, it was a bit more strenuous to lift her in his arms and stand up next to his bed. She slid down his body, her breasts pressing against his chest and proving to be even worse torture than waiting to fuck her. “Do you not care about their being a bond between you and the male you have sex with?”

“Loyalty comes with trust. And trust is earned, not bought with pleasure.”

“Then for now, we’ll just enjoy the pleasure.” He pulled down her jeans, knocking her off balance and pushing her on to the bed then peeling them off her legs.

When she kicked, the rich aroma of her come dripped rich and thick in the air, filling his lungs and damn near pushing him beyond any limit of control. He tossed her jeans to the floor and then grabbed her ankles, spreading her open.

“Oh fuck,” he growled, almost losing it over how fucking hot she was. “You’re so beautiful, Chan.”

She clutched her shirt, which was still balled up under her arms and stared at him with a wild look in her eyes. Her long blonde curls were tousled around her head, making her appear even more the temptress. Josh knelt before her, sure he would drool like a starving cub in the next minute if he didn’t taste her.

Holding on to her legs, he slid his hands up past her knees, keeping her open and taking in how perfect her pussy looked.

“I need to taste you,” he told her, adjusting himself as he knelt against the bed and lowered his mouth to her smoothly shaved pussy.
“No,” she said quickly, and then cried out, digging her nails into his scalp, trapping his head between her legs, as he ran his tongue over her already soaked entrance.

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