Cameras were everywhere…

I asked for pictures from RAW since I spent my time chatting and signing and not snapping enough pictures. *Note for next year: take more pictures.* Boy, did you all send in the pics!! There are some awesome shots here, and probably pictures of some people that you chat with on here on a regular, or somewhat regular, basis. Take a look, and hopefully, we’ll see you at RAW next year!

Lora Leigh and Melissa, who owns Paperbacks and Things, in Westland, Michigan. A special thanks to Melissa, who made it possible for all of us to buy so many books. I can only imagine what the airports thought when suddenly so many erotic romance books were being flown all over the country!

 Cheryl, standing in line waiting for JR Ward to sign her books. There was never a boring moment at RAW!

 Me and Susan. This lady was amazing. Susan was always right there if anyone had questions, or needed help with anything! And a definite lifesaver when my phone didn’t have a signal, and hers did, and I needed to retrieve my laptop! Thank you, Susan!

 Someone snapped a shot of me at the ’80’s dance. Good thing I didn’t get out on the dance floor, I can only imagine what those pictures would have looked like. *sigh*

 I’m sorry that I don’t remember her name. Someone help me out here. But these ladies stayed up all night to finish this quilt and presented it to Lora Leigh Sunday morning, during brunch at RAW. There was more than one teary eye when Lora accepted this amazing gift!

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