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The contest on my newsletter is still running. If you haven’t entered yet, be sure and try for your chance at a free e-book.

In the meantime, as many of you know, I ask a few questions when I offer contests, and you answer them. The three questions this time are:

1. What book are you reading and where did you buy it?

2. What is the most overused scene that you’ve seen in books you’ve read? (For example: Couple gets in a fight and she storms away only for him to realize how shallow and narrow minded he’s been and crawls to her five minutes later begging her forgiveness. Yeah, you wish all men were like that!)

3. What is the most unrealistic scene you’ve read in a book? (see example above)


So okay, those are the questions on the table right now. I’ve recieved some incredible answers, and blushed more than once when some terrifyingly, possibly, sort of maybe resembled a scene or two in one of my books. Check out what other readers are saying, and writers, see if you find your story below. Scary!


Some contest answers so far:

1. Im reading Sean Michaels - Guardian Angel - Fight
its the third in the season and so far so good, i purchased it from Fictionwise.com.

2. After a fight where either the hero or the heroine was an utter bastard they realise this and come crawling back to apologise - the offended party immediately forgives them, i would like to see the offender squirm for awhile - i dont mean they should break apart but i do think they should work for forgiveness

3. to me its sex scenes that are badly written like having anal sex with no lube or if they contridict themselves buy worrying about STD’s but then dont use condoms it really bugs me cause im reading romantica or erotica i expect there sex scenes to be more sauve then historicals or mills and boons

  1. I’m just starting ON THE PROWL, an anthology that i
    bought from my local book store. I just finished LADY BE BAD by Candice Hern as she’s making a guest appearance at THE BOOK END, my local bookstore in a week.

    2. He’s a rack through and through. But he meets a
    virtuous woman who he falls in love with and becomes a 1 woman man.

    3. Those that cause trouble for the heroine always get
    their just deserts. By sticking to true feelings the
    hero or heroine will always have a happy ending.

1. I am currently reading What A Rogue Desires by Caroline Linden….an ARC she sent me from her website contest.
2. The most overused scenes in romance books are those  where the characters can not wait to get to bed with each other….sometimes even before the plot takes shape.
3. A lot of the romantic scenes seem unrealistic but as I tend to read  mostly historical romances-Westerns and  English Highwayman type stories-who’s to say if a scene isn’t real…we are at the mercy of the author’s imagination. I’m not sure there were all that many romances between  the Old West  women and Native Americans. Sometimes those senes are unrealistic. 



1.)     Soul Song by Marjorie M. Liu

2.)    Couple is in the middle of a fight & the man
kisses the woman to basically shut her up & of course this always just melts the woman.

3.)     When the hero & heroine basically despise each other & then all of a sudden, they’re all over each other. It’s one thing for the characters to not get along as long as there is a decent resolution before they’re all over each other. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem very realistic to me.



1. Secrets 20 from Barnes and Noble on the net

2. Over used: I’ve been hurt by a man/woman so I’m avoiding them and relationships

3. I personally do not care for amnesia stories I think it is way over used also and not that realistic



1.  Currently reading the new Nora Robert’s, High Noon.

2.  While I love ertotic storylines, I think that the theme of multiple partners, back to back, with no emotional connection, and really no storyline, is getting old. 

3.  Most unrealistic scenes are sex WITH NO CONDOMS, especially in the above storylines.


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