Back home from Pennsylvania

We drove almost twenty four hours straight and got home from PA around 4am this morning. I’ve napped on and off all day today and now am finally catching up on mail and such.

PA is really a beautiful state. The rolling hills and large rocks everywhere were stunning and captivating. We took several hundred pictures. Give me a couple days and I’ll try to get some up here on the site.

I signed in Lancaster and in York. Both signings were great! I thought my hand might fall off during the one in York. Now that’s a cramp that no writer will ever complain about.

We also went to Gettysburg and I learned so much about our American history, stuff I’m sure so many of you already know but that I’d never given a lot of thought about. We stayed the night in supposedly one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. I didn’t see any ghosts though. I wanted to…really bad. Oh well, maybe next time. I’d love to vacation there sometime and take my kids. Now to just get them excited about Gettysburg. Just the name, and they think Social Studies or American History and start groaning. I’d love to get them as excited about it as I am now.

As for my newsletter, I’ll put one out next weekend. So if you haven’t entered the contest yet, you still have a week to get your name in. Check out my newsletter for details. Go look at my contest page for more information.

Okay, now to get through my e-mails so that I can get back to writing. If anyone has any knowledge on Gettysburg, or PA in general, I’d love to hear it.


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  1. Renee Says:

    Hi Lorie,

    It was great to meet with you in person during the EC book tour of PA. You gave me an entre’ into the coveted EC bus, and it inspired evny within my book groups. I appreciated the one on one time with you, as it gave me an insight to a very cool person as well as a dedicated and talented author.
    Thanks for all the autographs, they are very much appreciated. I will be more than happy to return the favor and send you literature and brochures of all the area historical sites as well as some of the places that locals consider to be more interesting for visitors. Just let me know where to send, and I will round up what you want.
    I am glad you came such a long way to make this tour, it means a lot to so many fans, myself included.
    Thanks again, Renee’ Bailey

  2. Lorie O'Clare Says:

    It was a lot of fun meeting you, Renee. And I’m always willing to offer a tour of the EC bus. Gives me a chance to go in there.

    I can’t wait to get all the literature from you and see what new places there are still to explore. Maybe I can make time before or after RT to see more places. Your state has so much to offer. I’d really love to return to Gettysburg too. That town is awesome!

  3. Cathie Says:

    Welcome home Lorie!! Was that near Pittsburgh PA? I’m more closer to there, about 3 hours. I hope to go to RWA (I think thats the conference) that is there next year and plan to go to the booksigning if all works out for me! I hope I didn’t miss this signing and that it was close to Pittsburgh! But sounds like a great turnout!

  4. Lorie Says:

    It would have been so wonderful to meet you! I’m not sure exactly how far we were from Pittsburgh. A few hours at the most, I think. I loved PA though! Beautiful, beautiful country. I’m definitely going back. RT is in April 2008 in Pittsburgh. Hopefully we can meet then!

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