Lunewulf Law releases this Friday…

And I admit I’m nervous and excited about its release. EC has pulled Pack Law from the website. The very first book I ever wrote for EC is now no longer for sale. If you still want a copy of Pack Law, you can read it in the paperback, Primal Heat. It’s still for sale, and for good reason. I was most definitely the new kid on the block when Primal Heat released. Four incredible stories are in Primal Heat. Check it out, if you don’t already own it. Go to the “in print” section of my website and scroll down to the Primal Heat cover. You can learn all about that awesome paperback there.

But anyway, as I said, Lunewulf Law releases this Friday, April 27th. You can buy it on Friday at Also, when my newsletter comes out on Monday, April 23rd, be sure and check it out. There is an excerpt from Lunewulf Law in this issue of my newsletter. Just a teaser to prepare you for its release.

Oh, and I have to tell you, already Lunewulf Law is nominated for an award. Or I should say, the video for Lunewulf Law, created by Syn Productions, is nominated for a Cameo Award. You can see all the nominations here.

Take a look at the Lunewulf Law video here.  

I sure hope this week goes by quickly. I can’t wait for Friday to get here!!

2 Responses to “Lunewulf Law releases this Friday…”

  1. Ali Says:

    Yay on your upcoming release, Lorie
    I think Pack Law was the first book of yours that I read… but I had it in ebook. Unfortanately, it got lost when my disk broke… oh well, I guess I’ll just have to buy it in print
    Great video!

  2. Lorie Says:

    Pack Law was my very first release with EC. And it’s still available in the anthology Primal Heat. They talked about pulling that book, but at least for now, they aren’t. If you liked Pack Law, you’ll LOVE Lunewulf Law, at least I hope so. Lunewulf Law is so much more in depth, more plot driven, and I’d like to think a bit better written since I’ve written over forty books since Pack Law. Oh, and of course, there’s a lot more sex in it, too.

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