Review for Forbidden Attraction

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Heidi Lutgard is a werewolf.  Previously an unmated female without a pack, she owes her loyalty to the Lunewolf Pack who took her in and made her a part of their family.  However, she doesn’t allow her pack to tell her who she can talk to and be with.  When a tall, dark and extremely virile looking Malta werewolf comes to her rescue, Heidi can’t help but be aroused and intrigued.  When that arousal and intrigue turns into something more, will Heidi obey her pack leader or will she succumb to the forbidden attraction?

Nicolo Spalto is a Malta werewolf.  Reviled by pretty much every werewolf pack in their vicinity, Nicolo wants nothing more than to prove to other packs that Malta wolves are not the crazy, out of control and murderous wolves of lore.  When he comes across a beautiful, waiflike Lunewolf in trouble, Nicolo doesn’t hesitate to help her.  When he smells her desire, Nicolo knows suddenly that he has to see her again, even at the risk of retaliation by his brother, the Malta alpha, as well as Heidi’s entire pack. 

May I say just how much I adore Lorie O’Clare’s wolves? I prowl the coming soon pages with hopes of finding a new release on the horizon and I have to admit deep in my heart of hearts that I adore her Malta series.  I want a Nicolo Spalto for my very own. He is sexy and completely in tune with his desire for Heidi.  His enticement of her was just sinful.  Heidi may have succumbed to Nicolo, but she is anything but submissive.  Wanting to belong, she tried very hard to conform to her pack’s wants and needs.  However, I have to say that I breathed a sigh of relief when she made her final decision. 

Forbidden Attraction just whetted my appetite for more.  I am irrevocably hooked on Lorie O’Clare and this outstanding series.  It is just that wonderful. 

Reviewed by Talia Ricci with Joyfully Reviewed.

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