Chapter From the SEX SLAVE SERIES

Long pale drapes blew gently against the breeze. They barely covered the floor-length windows, allowing the mid-afternoon sun to warm and brighten the room.

Borna’s bare feet against the cool hard floor made no sound as she approached the large bed. It stood high off the floor with massive comforters almost hiding the shadows underneath it.

“Come for me. Gods, you are so wet.” Julian’s muscular body gleaned with sweat, as he pumped hard, thrusting his huge thick cock so that it disappeared completely.

Borna paused, mesmerized by the moist white cream clinging to Julian’s long shaft as he slid out of Sern’s smooth pussy. She arched her back, resting on her arms and devouring Pol’s cock with her mouth as Julian continued fucking her.

Sern’s tattooed body was firm, her breasts large, and her silky white hair draping her narrow shoulders as she applied herself to getting off both men. Even though she was no longer a sex slave, Sern loved sex, and it showed.
Borna shifted as moisture built between her legs while watching the threesome on the large bed. Julian and Pol were large and muscular, their dark skin and black hair adding to the sensuality of the scene. With the fair complected Sern between the two of them, it was such an incredible sight. If she stood there a minute longer, simply watching, she would come without even having to touch herself.

The other guards in the room, all hand picked for their strong loyalty, didn’t move a muscle while standing at their assigned posts. Meelo stood at the window, his brown pants hugging his firm thighs. Zalk looked relaxed standing before the double doors that led out into the main hallways. When she glanced over her shoulder at him his gaze shifted lazily, those onyx colored eyes of his burning right through her. Bran was the only guard on Borna’s staff who wasn’t from Bort. The others protested when she agreed to bring the Gren on board. Bran didn’t take long to show his usefulness, and his loyalty. Most feared the small race from the fifth planet in their solar system. Greneen wasn’t such a bad place. Although Borna wouldn’t announce to many that she’d been there.

Bran dressed just as her other guards, with the brown pants, made from Veesh hide, and common among the warrior class for their durability and comfort. Their pale gray shirts hung loose under the Veesh vests. Their heavy boots stopped just under their knees, an imperative part of their wardrobe in this cold and untamed country.

Although right now, it was anything but cold in this room. Even with the windows open, the breeze simply made it tolerable. Julian, Sern and Pol heated the bedroom up nicely with their intense show of fornicating.

“Want to see if you can suck dick as well as Sern is, Borna?” Pol grabbed her attention, giving her a knowing wink.

“Maybe you’d rather taste how sweet she is,” Julian said, his voice tight as his expression strained.

“Looks like she’s taking care of both of you nicely all by herself.” Borna ran her finger down Sern’s tattooed spine and Sern jerked at her touch.

Borna smiled when Sern hummed. Leaving the three to their fun, she ignored the throbbing between her legs and glanced over at the monitoring screen.
Even though she obtained land on this remote part of Bort, scavengers were pests and she wasn’t ready for her government to know she was here.

“You would turn to work with your pussy throbbing like that?” Zalk’s strong fingers burned her shoulders when he pushed the robe she wore down her arms.

“Leaving your post, soldier?” Her breath caught in her throat when she looked over her shoulder and up into his smoldering gaze.

“Only if there’s something I need to investigate.” He took her arms at the elbow and straightened them, allowing her robe to glide past her hands to the floor.

She wore nothing underneath, which she would bet one of the suns that he already knew.

“What do you need to investigate?” Her voice was tight with need.
Borna already knew how skilled Zalk’s mouth was, but when he moved his lips to her nape, whispering against her over sensitive flesh, he offered new insight into his skills. His words made her skin sizzle.

“Maybe I want to see how immune you really are to the distractions around you.”

Oh shit. If this was a challenge she was about to fail it miserably.

“Possibly I need to assure myself that there are no distractions so that I can enjoy the moment fully.” She even made a show of looking down at the monitor in front of her once again, although she was damned for not being able to focus on the thing at all.

Zalk’s low chuckle against her flesh proved he didn’t buy her line.

“Turn around, Borna.” He guided her as he instructed her, moving her until she stood before him naked. “You always amaze me with your beauty.”

“And you with your incredibly overused lines.” She smiled, feeling a bit more control and decided to initiate the next move.

Capturing the cocky grin that started spreading across his handsome face, she leaned into him, going up on tiptoe so that she could nip his lower lip. Zalk gripped her ass, keeping her against him and deepened the kiss, growling fiercely as he impaled her mouth.

Lifting her, he moved slightly and placed her on the table next to the monitoring equipment, then spread and lifted her legs. Her rich scent of desire filled her senses and she gazed through blurred vision at the threesome on the bed as Zalk went down on his knees in front of her and then buried his face between her legs.

“Gods you’re so good at that.” She held his head, keeping him where she wanted him although there wasn’t any doubt in her mind he could move whenever he pleased.

No matter that they were all here at her call, that she personally hand picked every soldier on her base for their skills and reputation, Zalk was a hell of a lot stronger than she was. And at times a stubborn bastard.
He was also one hell of an incredible lover.

Grabbing his thick black hair, hair that was coarse and smooth just like hers, she held on for dear life as he quickly brought her to climax.

“That’s it soldier. Fuck me with that tongue of yours.” Her head sagged against the cold wall behind her, providing a small means of keeping the fever at bay that threatened to boil out of control inside her.

Zalk lapped at her juices, all the while holding her legs in place as her muscles constricted and she fought to clamp her thighs against the side of his head. When he moved his mouth and pressed his lips over her clit, Borna jerked, sliding to the edge of the table.

“Gods!” She hissed, almost biting her lower lip.

Barely able to focus, it took her a minute to realize Meelo moved away from the window. When he tweaked her nipple, she cried out, feeling heat race from her face down her body quickly. It wasn’t too often any of them took her off guard. Meelo’s satisfied smile was enough to show her that he knew he pulled off an accomplishment not witnessed every day.

“You’ve held out too long, Borna.” Meelo easily lifted her off the table. “Share her, Zalk.”

Borna ran her hands down Meelo’s firm chest as Zalk stood behind her.

“Zalk doesn’t own me so he can’t share me.” She glanced over her shoulder as Zalk cupped her rear end, squeezing and spreading her open. “But I have no problem taking on both of you.”

“I know that you don’t,” Meelo muttered, tweaking her nipples with his rough fingers.

Borna shifted her attention quickly to Meelo and brushed her thick long hair over her shoulder. Zalk grabbed her hair, making a ponytail out of it, and tugged until she let her head fall back to his chest. As Meelo made a feast out of her breasts, sucking and nipping at her sensitive nipples, Zalk turned her far enough to bring her mouth to his.

Sern made such wonderful sounds on the bed. And although Borna couldn’t see her, the groans of approval coming from Pol and Julian filled her imagination with images that got her even hotter. Zalk and Meelo stroked her body with their large weathered hands. She felt their strength, their skills, as they tortured her over-heated body.

She arched her body further, leaning against Meelo as she twisted slightly and opened her mouth wide to his exploration. Zalk tugged on her breasts, filling his mouth with her as if he were starved and she his life source.
Often times their sexual play proved to be the highlight of Borna’s day. The way Zalk and Meelo made her feel right now she would swear this would be the high point until fifth moon. Their mouths and hands and hard packed muscular bodies pressing against her brought her insides to a soaking wet boiling point.

“Dear Gods,” she hissed, breaking off the kiss with Meelo before she hyperventilated. If it got any hotter in here, all the ice outside would melt and carry them away.

“Feel how soaked she is,” Meelo said, spreading his fingers between her legs.

Zalk moved his hand and cupped her shaved pussy. Their fingers probed and stroked her drenched flesh. Borna raised her leg, stroking Zalk’s hard thigh as she gave both men more room to explore. She cried out, no longer focusing on the sounds on the bed behind her. One or both men thrust their fingers inside her, stretching and fucking her. They caressed her while come soaked her inner thighs, and their hands.

“Hells bitch.” Zalk moved away from her only far enough to loosen his pants.

Borna looked down between them, keeping her leg resting against his waist as he struggled furiously to free his cock. With one hand, he managed to undo his pants and his cock sprung forward eagerly.

Meelo obviously was doing the same thing behind her because suddenly his dick pressed into her ass, pushing and moving over her skin. She felt the moist trail he created with his pre-cum clinging to her flesh.

“Fuck me, Zalk.” Borna turned around, bending over and spreading her legs. She grabbed Meelo’s large thick cock and held on to it while running her tongue over his smooth swollen head. “Yes. I want both of you inside me.”

Zalk didn’t hesitate. He thrust deep inside her quickly, pushing her forward, and she sucked Meelo deep into her mouth.

She made a very unladylike grunt and both men groaned.

The only thing better than a well-built man with skills, who got her off instantly, were two men who were hard as stone. Meelo and Zalk fucked her hard and quick, giving her everything they had and not holding back. She kept her legs spread, balancing herself while holding on to Meelo as Zalk gripped her waist and rode her hard. Just the way she liked it.

Her world toppled but powerful hands kept her grounded. Closing her eyes, she loved the salty taste that quickly filled her mouth. Their groans grew louder as she exploded. Inhaling the rich smell of her orgasm, she sucked until her lips went numb, and then Meelo moved faster until she almost gagged.

Zalk hit that spot deep inside her and sparks ignited creating an array of warm colors that floated in her mind as her body convulsed with her orgasm.

“Borna, you’re fucking amazing!” Zalk sounded strained and his hands almost pinched her skin as he tightened his grip. “I can’t hold out any longer.”

He pulled out just before he came and hot come sprayed over her back. Pulling Meelo out of her mouth long enough to issue her command, her voice almost failed her.

“Come,” she ordered, her voice scratchy.

“You’re the boss,” Meelo grunted, thrusting his cock deep into her mouth until she did choke.

He pulled back quickly, but then moved back and forth with hard, quick movements until a salty hot fluid soaked her tongue, and covered her numb lips.

Borna swore the ground underneath her shook. It took her a minute to straighten, and she combed her tangled hair with her fingers as she pushed it away from her face.

The ground shook again and it wasn’t from mind-rocking sex.

“Hells bitch!” Julian jumped off of the bed and hurried to their monitoring equipment.

Borna looked around the bedroom, noticing that Bran wasn’t with them any longer. Her legs wobbled as she bent over and grabbed her robe then moved next to Julian.

“Is there trouble?”

“Appears to be something.” He pushed the buttons that allowed them to see a larger spread of land outside her compound. “Look. What in the hells is that?”

Borna slid into her robe and moved in front of Julian, taking over the controls on her monitoring equipment. At the same time, her comm beeped. Grabbing the thin wire, she wrapped it around her ear and adjusted the tip in front of her mouth.

“What is it?”

Bran’s voice was crisp and unemotional in her ear. “Looks like a carrier has just crashed not too far from here.”

“Hells bitch,” she swore.

“What’s wrong?” Sern’s emotional high pitch filled the room with trepidation.

“Looks like we have some uninvited company.” This wasn’t the way she wanted to end their awesome sexual play. “Which means the government probably spotted it crashing into our atmosphere.”

She wasn’t ready for any high officials to know she once again lived on her home planet. They’d managed a low profile ever since she took over this compound in the northern corner, a very unpopulated part of Bort. But now, with a space ship crashed too close for comfort, she either prayed her government wouldn’t detect them when they conducted a rescue mission, or let her people know that she’d finally returned home.

“Someone is still alive on the carrier. They’re sending out a rescue code.” Sometimes Bran’s hard impervious tone grated on her nerves. “You’ve got a choice Borna, let whoever is in that carrier die out there in the ice, or announce to your people that you’re here and face the consequences.”

And there would be a hell of a lot of consequences to face.

“Gods. Let’s get ready to head out.” She cursed some more as she headed to the facilities to clean up and dress. The last thing her people would accuse her of was being a cold hearted killer. They already had a long enough list of grievances against her. Whoever was out there better damned well be worth rescuing.

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