I loved the feeling of two men touching me everywhere, of our legs intertwined, their mouths adoring me while their hands caressed my flesh. 


     Every inch of me was over-sensitive. Nicolas’ lips were full and soft, different than a white man’s. I never kissed a black man before and although I didn’t experience the taboo excitement that some might think I would, there was still something different about him.

     I ran my hand down his shoulder. His skin was so soft, like he soaked in baby oil just before coming to me. And it was smooth. But underneath that perfect flesh, hard muscles twitched and flexed when I ran my fingers over them. I pressed my palm over the bulge of his bicep. His skin was warm, perfect, and his body was hard and so well defined. Tiny black curls around his nipples and between his pectorals were coarse and contrasted the perfect smoothness of his skin.

         His heart thumped solidly under my hand as I opened my eyes. Nicolas quit kissing me and moved his head back just far enough so that I could focus on his face. I knew nothing about this man yet there was a comfort, a bond between strangers possibly, that made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

          I realized that every inch of me was relaxed. Tomas lay at the end of the bed, with half of his body off of it. He placed gentle kisses on my inner thighs and looked up at me when I raised my head to focus on him.

          “You’ve got an absolutely perfect pussy.” He purred like a deadly cat and then ran one finger down the length of my soaked entrance.

          My head fell back on the pillows. “I designed it that way just for you,” I told him, making both men chuckle.

          “Would you like to put a condom on me?” Tomas asked.

          Instantly my head cleared. “Oh. Well I’ve never…”

          “Let me show you. It really can be quite a sexual experience. Some feel it breaks the mood, but if done right, can be just as erotic as any other sexual foreplay.” While Tomas explained this to me he straightened, walking around the bed naked with his hard cock protruding in front of him and leading the way.

          “I’d like to learn that.” I was enthralled.

          Just watching Tomas move, his large muscular body like a well-oiled machine, captivated me. He picked up a small box on the side table next to the bed and opened it. Then pulling out a strip of gold wrapped condoms, he let them fall apart from each other. For some reason, they reminded me of individually wrapped chocolates, each one promising a fulfilling treat and mouth-watering experience.

          Tomas easily tore one of the foil packages free, and held it in one hand while extending his other hand to me. I placed my hand in his, feeling his strength when he easily pulled me to a sitting position.

          Nicolas was right behind me, his hands never leaving me as he gently rubbed my back. But my attention was on Tomas. His large cock was in front of my face as he stood at the edge of the bed in front of me. I could smell his sex. It was musky and intoxicating. My already soaked pussy swelled with anticipation and I glanced from his perfectly shaped dick to the square gold package in his hand.

          He handed the wrapped condom to me. “Tear the foil gently so that you don’t damage the condom. Then pull it out of the package.”

          I did as he said. The condom had a lubricant on it, and the moistness stuck to my fingers. I was embarrassed to say that I had very little experience with this kind of sexual protection.

          “Many women are on birth control, and forget about the many other reasons for using condoms.” Tomas seemed to read my mind. “Although we’re all tested for any of those nasty diseases, some can remain dormant for years. Condoms aren’t fool proof, but they are a safety precaution and, like I mentioned, if added to the sexual play properly, can stimulate our fun even more so.”

          “I’ve been on the pill since I was eighteen.” I don’t know why I told him that, but it was the truth. And the few sexual experiences I had before coming here were with men I had dated for a while. It was embarrassing to admit that I never discussed sexual diseases with any of them, or even given it much thought. Although one of the pre-requisites for coming to Paradise Island was proof of a full physical. According to my doctor, I was clean and free of any and all nasty bugs.

          “There you go,” Tomas said, nodding his approval and then wrapping his fingers around his hard cock. “Hold the condom in your hand and then place it on the edge of my cock.”

          I held on to the round edge of the latex and then pressed it to the tip of his cock. Tomas sucked in a breath through his teeth, which made a soft hissing sound. I looked up at him, seeing the amount of focus and concentration he implemented as he watched me touch him.

          He opened his mouth, as if prepared to walk me through the rest of this small procedure, but I was kind of getting in to touching him like this. Slowly I pressed the condom over his cock, and watched it unroll itself as it stretched thinly over his hard smooth, thick shaft. I sheathed him with the lubricated condom, letting my fingers smooth it over him. Once it was in place, it made his dick glow, look even smoother. And an odd scent reached my nose.

          “Is it flavored?”

          “All of them are. The package says what each one is.” Tomas spoke through his teeth.

          My administration affected him, and I loved the sensation of control. Both men quit moving, quit speaking, and allowed me this moment to explore and get to know Tomas’ cock. I ran my fingers over the smooth thin covering, and then touched my index finger to my tongue.

          “Oh my God, its strawberry. How cool!” I blushed over my school-girl tone of voice, but then laughed at myself and touched him again. “This is going to be fun.”

          “That’s the whole point.”

          Of course it was. And that cock that almost danced in front of my face was dying to show me how much fun this would be. I remembered at that moment something that the handbook said. If a woman hadn’t had sex in a while, and wanted to enjoy the sexual experience with her partner for as long as possible, several positions were suggested. And switching positions often was also indicated as a way to keep the pleasure going for as long as possible.

          “Would you sit in that chair?” I asked Tomas, nodding to the table and chairs in front of the large window. Full dark purple drapes offered almost a perfect backdrop of mystery and seduction.

          “Wherever you like.” Tomas turned his back to me, taking his sheathed dick with him.

          I had a wonderful view of his tight firm ass and my mouth watered. I’d never viewed the male anatomy as something that was breath-takingly beautiful before. But watching corded muscle flex in his legs while his firm ass made my fingers itch to touch him gave me new appreciation of his gender. Sitting on the bed gave me the perfect angle to see his full balls shift as he moved. They were tight looking, full, and I imagined what it would be like to cup them in my hands.
When Tomas sat in the chair, Nicolas pressed against my back gently, encouraging me off the bed. I slid to the edge of the king sized bed and stood, my legs suddenly wobbly. Maybe riding him wasn’t the best way to start this. My legs might give out before I could come.
      But Nicolas stood next to me, and guided me over to Tomas, who sat waiting. His rock hard dick looked even larger with the shiny condom stretched over it.

      “Come here.” Tomas reached for me.

      Nicolas let go. I straddled Tomas and his hands firmly held my waist as he adjusted my pussy directly over his cock. Resting my hands on his shoulders, I slowly lowered myself until I felt his cock press against my entrance.

    “That’s it, baby. Take your time. Fill yourself with my dick as quickly, or as slowly, as you like.”

     I held on to him and closed my eyes. Bright lights popped and flashed before my eyelids and my thighs quivered as I slowly lowered myself on to him. His cock slid inside my soaked and incredibly ready pussy. He stretched and filled me, twitching slightly the more I lowered myself. As he traveled further inside my hot pussy, my muscles contracted, easing his path, encouraging him deeper into my heat.

     Bright lights turned warm, reds and auburns, flashes of orange and soft pinks. My world transformed as my pussy took in all that he could offer. And just when I knew he was all the way in me, his mouth clamped down on my nipple and his hand moved quickly to my back, holding me tightly to him and then biting me with a quick nip.

      “Oh Lord!” I sunk lower, not even thinking, and felt him create a sudden pressure that quickly spread over every inch of my insides. “Shit!” I screamed.

    Tomas chuckled, the depths of his baritone sending shivers over my flesh. He quickly scraped my nipple with his teeth, torturing further the sensitive puckered flesh that he just nibbled. Then he relaxed his tongue and lapped at my nipple, pushing it up and down with his smooth even strokes. It was just enough distraction to prevent me from stopping him when he thrust his hips upward, and filled me the rest of the way.

     The pressure already created stretched and traveled even further. My immediate reaction was to straighten my legs, keep him from hitting that spot that would make me explode.

     “Huh uh,” he told me, chuckling and holding me tightly enough that I couldn’t move.

      No matter that I was on top, supposedly controlling this moment—at least according to the handbook—Tomas held me easily enough with his hands on my waist that I wasn’t able to rise and escape his massive cock. He thrust again. And at the same moment, again nipped at my nipple.

    “You beast!” But I laughed, and even arched into him, giving him even more free reign to enjoy my breasts.

      Arching my back also allowed him to glide deeper inside me, this time stroking my inner pussy muscles with a different angle. The intensity of it all was more incredible than the handbook suggested. I squatted over him, feeling the stretch of my inner thighs. His cock stretched me open, impaling and caressing as he slid deep inside me.

    I clutched his shoulders, enjoying the warmth of his body, and the hardness of it as well. Not only could I experience this about him with his cock in my pussy, but also with my hands caressing his smooth flesh. And as I stretched my legs in an effort to stand and force his cock to almost glide out of me, muscles in my legs and abdomen pulled and quivered.

      This was an all over body experience. I experienced so much from many different angles and due to so many stimuli. It really took more effort than I would have guessed to simply open my eyes, look down at his sandy hair, and see his mouth torture and tease one breast and then move to the other.

    “Ride him faster. Take him harder.” It was Nicolas behind me, his hand suddenly stroking my hair, as he instructed me on how to fuck Tomas.

      This wasn’t exactly a moment for discussion. Blindly, I followed his orders, feeling the burning increase in my inner thighs as I moved up and down with a steadier, faster paced rhythm.

    My small breasts actually bounced. Tomas pressed his face against me, and moaned with appreciation as my nipples scraped up and down his face. I could feel the slight stubble on his chin, and then the smoothness of the upper part of his face.

     And his cock stretched, pulsed and got even harder as I rode it like I raced to win a derby or something. I gripped his shoulders, holding on for dear life, and bit my lower lip as I closed my eyes and enjoyed this incredibly sensual trip.

      The colors before my eyes turned from warm to hot. Beautiful shades that would put the most glorious of sunsets to shame flashed before me. Warm purples, hot pinks, radiant reds. Colors flashed and exploded as I tossed my head back, opening my mouth to cry out but too consumed by the sensation riding through me to utter a word.

      And when they exploded, becoming a million magnificent colors that melted before my eyelids, every muscle in my body quivered. A dam of need and desire released inside my body, and white hot heat rushed over me, leaving me breathless.

      Tomas’ arms wrapped around me, holding me as I collapsed against his virile body. He remained lodged deep inside me, hard, hot and pulsing, while he crushed me against him and nestled his head between my shoulder and neck. It was strange. At that moment I swore I was in the arms of a long lost lover whom I never knew I had.

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